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Stairflight Simulator Returns!

Stair Dismount for iPhone and iPod Touch is THE ultimate game for fans of staircases everywhere. It is a game of responsibility and friendship, a game in which you push your loyal friend, Mr. Dismount, over the edge, again and again.

It is a game and somehow not a game: a way of life, a simulator detailing the everyday tragedy involved with disregarding elevators and adopting a transient, stair-based lifestyle.

Soothing state-of-the-art visuals and crunchy, snappy sounds accompany your experience as you seek the limits of crash test dummy endurance in several exciting locales.

Game Features
  • The most convincing personal impact simulation yet seen on the iPhone
  • Intuitive and tactile controls
  • Various and inspiring descent locations
  • Select faces from the device Photo Library
  • Dismount your friends from Facebook®!
  • Post photographic proof of love and caring to Facebook and Twitter!
  • The crunchiest sounds yet heard in an iPhone game
Face Support

People claim it's just a photo stuck on an indestructible dummy, but when you select the face of a friend for Mr. Dismount, this modern wonder combination of psychology and technology allows him to virtually BE that friend, a friend for you - someone who will gladly take the fall for you, anytime, everytime.


Modern youth is all raving and partying about this Facebook thing so our scientists have fitted the Dismount flagship with this revolutionary social technology! You can utilize the faces of your friends and post heart-warming images of rocky landings for all to see. Never again will you be left out of those social circles!

Facebook Love